Back At It Again

We have had a lot of changes around my house recently; not only did we welcome a new baby into the family, but my eldest son started his first year of homeschooling. As you can imagine, things have been pretty crazy with all of the adjustments in the house.

I recently started reaching back out to partners in the states, as well as on the ground in Haiti. Coming off of three months of maternity leave, it’s been overwhelming trying to play catch-up with everyone.

As I started going down my contacts list, I reached out to a group of students in Limbe that we have been mentoring and helping start up their new business. I remember apologizing for taking so long to get back to them, and their immediate response was “It’s ok, we’re waiting on you.” That was such a sobering realization for me because I further realized how important our work on the ground is.


For many of the people we work with, One Sparrow is the only person that has come to their community with the objective to help them achieve their dreams. So as long as it takes us to get back to them, that’s still the best shot they have, and that realization filled me with a lot of humility and responsibility. The work that we do fills the communities we touch with hope and possibilities for their future, so we have to do our best to be diligent in the programs…and providing the resources we have promised.

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