Make an impact one imprint at a time


The Imprint Project is the focus-initiative arm of One Sparrow; it’s the projects that we use to leave our mark. Our projects have 3 continuous phases:

Introducing Ourselves

In order to ensure a positive reception and to sow the seeds of collaboration, we address a community’s immediate needs.

Capacity Building

We find individuals within the community who have a sustainable plan in the area of education, agriculture, or healthcare. We then provide funds, resources, and mentorship so that they can take their project to the next level. In exchange, they partner with us to “pay it forward” to the local community.

Community Building

We plan to do this by building multipurpose educational centers (MPECs) that will leave an imprint on the entire community. Our vision is for each facility to teach concepts such as sustainable farming practices, proper nutrition and hygiene, safe birth practices, basic financial literacy, and STEM education.

We use your donations to make a maximum impact in the communities we serve.

Free Medical Clinics

Free Health Conference

We hosted 2 days, 12 hours, 8 speakers, 1,100 meals, and 800 attendees for free health seminars in Limbe, Haiti. Cost - $3,200

Sterile Delivery Birthing Kits

We provided 150 sterile delivery birthing kits to enable safe rural home deliveries. Cost - $100

Reading Glasses Screenings

300 pairs of reading glasses, over 220 people tested and fitted for reading glasses, 10 people referred to local ophthalmologist for surgery. Cost - $180

Prescription and OTC Medication

In conjunction with our partnership with Kingsway Charities we provided over 800lbs of prescription and over the counter medication to the Serving Sante Medical Clinic. Cost - $1,400

We have been able to do so much good in Haiti in the last year. And with your help, we can expand our IMPRINT in Limbe and Cap Haitien by funding capacity building projects in the local communities. Each project below was chosen because of its alignment with our future goals, strong impact potential, and passionate local sponsor.