Our primary goal is to affect change and bring lasting support to hopeless situations. We call this our “Be the Hope” campaign. We identify long term initiatives in communities around the world to partner with. We look for projects that aim to provide permanent housing, education, and employment opportunities to children and young adults.


One Sparrow provides support to local organizations in the DC Metro area, primarily in Loudoun County focused on children’s welfare and homelessness. We provide aid and volunteers to other organizations that have already begun work in their local communities and are in need of additional support and resources to achieve their mission.


In Haiti, we are working towards building an orphan children’s village and opening a distance learning center for youth and adults in Limbe, Haiti starting in late 2016. We envision both the children’s village and distance learning center serving local children and young adults; giving them the tools to realize their full potential.

Our plan for the children’s village include:

  • To purchase 5+ acres in the Northern Region of Haiti to build an orphanage. This orphanage:
  • Will house 75 – 100 children when fully completed, will house 25 children at least to start
  • Will have a school facility on the property as well as the orphanage
  • School facility will be used for the children in the orphanage as well as children in the community
  • Will have a farm on the property for the growth of produce for the orphanage and also for sale at local markets
  • Will be managed by screened and trusted American personnel


One Sparrow is partnering with RHIH to purchase land in the village of Pachilavanipalem, in rural Andhra Pradesh, where an orphanage is currently located, to build proper living quarters for the children they take care off. The current building has suffered significant water damage from recent storms and heavy rain.  The total cost of purchasing the land, constructing a new facilities, and furnishing the property will amount to a little less than $61,000 at current market prices. Once completed, it will house 50 children.


H.O.M.E. International is an organization dedicated to providing orphans with a stable environment and a quality education. Their newly finished campus in Guatemala will provide a home for up to 100 children. One Sparrow provided a grant in July 2015 to build outdoor homes on the property. We plan to provide continued support for this campus with grants for additional deployment and maintenance projects.


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