Jeffrey and Solitaire Carroll, CO – FOUNDERS

The dream of One Sparrow was started on a date in 2003. We had just sat through a class on missions work around the world at our local church and over lunch we talked about what we saw missing from the missions field. A lot of targeted short trips that came in and provided emergency care, but we kept asking: What happens after the team leaves?

We began to think of an organization that would provide what we called then “total missions”. Support would be provided to address the entirety of the circumstances that left the community in such need. Whether it included trauma and grief counseling, increased access to general education and vocational programs, or even activities for the youth of community to be involved in to keep them out of trouble and around positive influences. Our idea was to provide a multifaceted solution that would in time heal the community and bring lasting change.

From that dream, we created One Sparrow. Founded in 2013, we have partnered with several organizations both locally and globally with one goal in mind, make a lasting change. We are working towards our own facility that will be located in Northern Haiti. With everyone’s support, we can make that dream come true for communities around the world.

We have 3 wonderful boys: Tre, Xavi and Dev; an amazing support system of family and friends; volunteers that trust and believe in this vision; and a hope for the future that is so strong and so positive that it motivates us every single day to keep going.

One Sparrow is fully run and operated by volunteers; there are no salaries paid to any staff or members of the Board of Directors.

Board Members

Anthony Francis was born in Victorville, California. As a military child, he lived in various locations in the states and Okinawa, Japan. He spent his childhood and teens years in Illinois and California. In 1992, he attended Christian Life College in Stockton, California. While there, he served on the Student Senate as Senior Class
Vice President and Ministerial Club Vice President. Pastor Anthony graduated in 1996 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theology, and was a recipient of the Clyde J. Haney Award. Following graduation, he moved to Mesa, Arizona, and served as Youth Pastor for the New Life Bible Church. In August of 1998, Anthony joined the staff at Capital Community Church, Ashburn, Virginia as an Associate Pastor. Currently, he oversees Men’s Ministry, Singles Ministry, A/V Technical Ministries, and Strategic Planning & Development.

In addition, Pastor Anthony has 10 years’ experience as a Network Engineer. He has contributed to numerous projects across the country and most recently was involved in the startup of Bowman Consulting Group, which is the one of largest and fasting growing Civil Engineering firm in the Mid-Atlantic Region.

He and his wife, Natallia, have 3 amazing kids: Aleyna, Gavin, and Genevieve. Supporters of One Sparrow from the very start, Anthony has served as a strategic adviser to the organization since its founding.

 Phyllis J. Randall was elected as Chair of the Board of Supervisors in November 2015. She serves on the Board’s Finance/Government Operations and Economic Development Committee, the Joint Board and School Board Committee, and the Transportation and Land Use Committee.

Randall’s commitment to public service began with her volunteer work in the Loudoun County Public Schools. At the state level, Governor Tim Kaine appointed her to be the citizen representative on Virginia’s Fair Housing Board in 2009. Governor Bob McDonnell retained her position on the Fair Housing Board where she eventually served as Chair. In March of 2014,  Randall was appointed by Governor Terry McAuliffe to the Virginia State Board of Corrections, where she served as Chair.

By profession Randall is a mental health therapist working with substance abusing offenders in a local Adult Detention Center; a position she enjoyed for over fifteen years. Her emphasis areas are substance abuse and offender services.

She and her husband Thaddeus, (T.W.) are the parents of two sons, Ashon and Aaron. The family attends Capital Community Church in Ashburn. As a passionate supporter of One Sparrow and the cause of homelessness, Phyllis provide serves as a strategic adviser to the board.