What Breaks Your Heart?

What is that one thing that truly brings you to tears, keeps you up at night, and frustrates you to your core every time you think about it?

For us — its homelessness, especially children’s homelessness. No child chooses to be born or the family they are born into; or even the circumstances of the area they arrive into this world. And no child should have to figure out where their next meal is coming from, or if that water is clean to drink, or take care of themselves when they are sick.

Our goal is to provide lasting, sustainable solutions in the fight against worldwide poverty and homelessness. The issue of secure housing is so much greater than just having a roof over your head. It determines your health, your ability to receive an education, the safety of your neighborhood, and the influences of outside organizations posing a risk to your overall well-being and future to name a few.

So at One Sparrow, we say that we provide homes and not just shelters, an education and not just books, and long term opportunities for growth and advancement and not just aid. Our goal is provide solutions to truly impoverished communities and help lift the weight of the hopelessness of their circumstances and see the difference that is possible.

At our core, we believe that we can be the change we want to see in our world with a lot of work, hope, and most of all…love.



The dream of One Sparrow was started on a date in 2003. We had just sat through a class on missions work around the world at our local church and over lunch we talked about what we saw missing from the missions field. A lot of targeted short trips that came in and provided emergency care, but we kept asking: What happens after the team leaves?

We began to think of an organization that would provide what we called then “total missions”. Support would be provided to address the entirety of the circumstances that left the community in such need. Whether it included trauma and grief counseling, increased access to general education and vocational programs, or even activities for the youth of community to be involved in to keep them out of trouble and around positive influences. Our idea was to provide a multifaceted solution that would in time heal the community and bring lasting change.

From that dream, we created One Sparrow. Founded in 2013, we have partnered with several organizations both locally and globally with one goal in mind, make a lasting change. We are working towards our own facility that will be located in Northern Haiti. With everyone’s support, we can make that dream come true for communities around the world.

We have 3 wonderful boys: Tre, Xavi and Dev; an amazing support system of family and friends; volunteers that trust and believe in this vision; and a hope for the future that is so strong and so positive that it motivates us every single day to keep going.



Kids Konnection DC

Women of Worth – Hagerstown, MD

Ashburn Elementary School

Volunteers of America – Loudoun Emergency Homeless Shelter


At Risk Children Foundation – Haiti

H.O.M.E. International – Guatemala

Royal Hearts of Hope Orphanage – India

FEED Orphanage – Haiti

Evangelical Church of the Christian Fraternity – Haiti


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