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About Us

About Us


What Do We Do?

One Sparrow is a non-profit organization working to reduce homelessness and extreme poverty around the world. We provide funds and resources to impact lives in the areas of shelter, education, and employment.

Our History

Since our inception in 2013, we have sought to develop a long-term, sustainable solution while reaching out to local leaders and global organizations to gain lessons learned from those on the ground. What we found was one core truth; any lasting impact has to be focused on education.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build sustainable
multi purpose education centers.

Our Vision

To provide better access to quality education
and development within global communities.

Our Goal

To enable families to better support
themselves in the future.

Our Work


The Imprint Project

The Imprint Project is the development of sustainable multi-purpose education center (MPEC) in global villages. Our vision is for each facility to include experiment labs, maker spaces, and collaborative work spaces for children ages 8-18 to explore STEM curriculum. Each facility will advocate and teach sustainable farming practices, proper nutrition and hygiene, basic financial literacy, how to leverage S.T.E.M. concepts to solve problems in their local environment, and civic responsibility. Our first facility, to be launched in Haiti, will also have a facility to take in and care for abandoned infants, ranging in ages from 0-2 years old. Our goal is to leave a lasting imprint on the communities of which we are a part of, to maintain thriving relationships, and to ensure educational and economic success for generations.

How can we do this?

While the support from humanitarian groups have kept many villages and families afloat for years, we desire to pilot a new approach in hopes to restore independence and individual development for all those we are able to reach. We see the Imprint Project as a government capacity building effort, which is strengthen by a strong partnership with the local government as well as the local community.

Why Choose Us

We are ordinary people, relentlessly optimistic that we can bring about lasting change in our world.

Our goal is provide resources to the developing world for sustainable economic development in the future.

We inform our donors about the status of our projects and what contributions fund every year.

We work hard to make sure contributions go directly to the projects we support.

We are constantly looking for new organizations to learn about, be mentored by, or partner with.

We believe every family deserves a chance to make a better life for themselves.

Our Achivement


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What Types of Volunteers Are We Looking For?

What Ages Can Volunteer?

All Ages are Welcome ... no really we are serious. We have a lot of people that like to volunteer with their families and friends. So we like to open up most of our volunteer opportunities for people of all ages to engage in local service.

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